What is Sectarianism?

Sectarianism is a firm belief in a specific religious or political group which leads to discrimination in the community. The discrimination is due to the view of the superiority and inferiority of a particular group of people in the society. It is important for people to have a strong belief without having a view of being superior to other people. Sectarianism primary aim is to differentiate people due to their different political, cultural or religious belief. The concept is common in the doctrines sector where people saved distinguish themselves from the sinners.


The theoretical exercises are used to categories people depending on their beliefs. The religious instructions should be informative in dealing with the cases of discrimination in the community. The specific instructions in the religious scriptures would be properly interpreted by the people. The views from the people should be constructive to the in achieving the social and economic goals.


Effects of Sectarianism


It is important to have a proper insight into the impact of sectarianism on the community. Equality is a vital aspect of community progress which is lost when there is sectarianism. The unfairness due to the different religious or political beliefs has negative impacts on the community.


Sectarianism leads to violence


The discrimination leads to violence where people lose property and die in the process. The effect reaches the innocent public in the community where families are affected due to the diversity in religious beliefs. The sectarianism violence is conducted where people view it as right in accordance to their religious belief. The crimes are supposed to be handled and the people engaging in violence charge. Violence is promoted by sectarianism nature of the community where people fight to prove their superiority in the society.


Conflict of opinion


The different views on a particular subject in life contributed to the conflict of interest. For instance, the difference between Catholics, Protestants, Muslim and other religions leads to the difference in emotional perspectives. The religious culture determines the behavior of an individual where the opinion should be constructive to the community. It is essential for the religious leaders to have a view of strengthening the unity in the society. The dominant religion in specific areas has a feeling of being superior to other religions which leads to varying opinions and perception from the people. The different denominations in areas are supposed to respect other religious group activities for a smooth flow of the community.


Passed to future generations


The inequality caused by sectarianism is passed on to other generations leading to a continuous flow of the problems. The sectarian views are supposed to be eliminated to the mind of the community in ensuring that there is cooperation for a smooth flow of operations in the area. The ability to deal with different religion is made possible by eliminating cases of sectarianism where some religious denominations appear superior.


The superiority perceptive in the community should be reduced to make sure that the future generations do not continue with the violence due to their diversity. Sectarianism programs should be started in providing the young generation with information that is constructive to deal with the issue of discrimination due to religious belief.